Clear - Creative - Professional
I love to write. It's that simple. It's why I'm in business and why I want to help with yours. 
I graduated from UNLV with a degree in Communication. But to me, communication is more than a major. Whether I'm writing, speaking in front of an audience, posting on Facebook, or chatting with a friend at a coffee shop, I am aware of and enjoying the conveyance of a message. I may think way too much about vocabulary, grammar, and what to say or not say - but this trait will benefit you.
Put my writing skills to work! I offer writing and editing for all types of professional marketing. As each client and project is unique, I will work with you to develop a customized plan to produce the message you want to send. I will make sure you love the resulting communication as much as I do.
The colorful mural shown here adorns the wall of my favorite coffee shop in Las Vegas. Painted by artist Tommy Vinci, reachable at, it inspires some of my best work!